This Danish Baker/Preacher Claims To 'Cure' Autism By Praying At Demons – And He's Hosting A Dublin Workshop

His followers are going to be “on the streets healing the sick and preaching the gospel”


This is Torben Sondergaard, a baker from Denmark.

He's also the leader of the Last Reformation – a church that claims certain diseases and disorders are caused by 'demons' in the body.

He's also amassed a fairly significant following by convincing people he can expel these demons from people by praying for them.

And he's hosting a three-day workshop in a secret Dublin location (yikes) from May 20-22, where he promises "hands-on teaching on discipleship" – including sending people out to the streets to heal the sick and preach the gospel.

Amongst his more, um, lofty claims is that he cured a nine-year-old girl with autism during a recent trip to Australia:

“That young girl with autism had many other problems… she could not cry like other kids did, she became angry instead, she heard voices… she couldn’t play with other kids.

“But one night on their meeting, my friend Michael prayed for her and that spirit just left her and suddenly she smiled… and said, ‘Hey Mom, I’m happy’.

It goes without saying that this is a claim to be viewed with extreme suspicion.

Adam Harris, founder of, explained to TheJournal:

[Events like these are] highly damaging to people’s self-esteem, highly damaging to people’s pockets and highly damaging to public information knowledge of autism.

Written By

Aidan Coughlan