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11th Sep 2017

This Dublin Bathroom Company Is Selling “Tinder Proof” Toilets


The story of one woman’s hilarious Tinder date is a tale to remember

The Bristol woman was on her first date with 24 year-old student Liam Smyth when she used his bathroom, ended up blocking the toilet, threw her poo out the window and then proceeded to get stuck trying to retrieve it.

The story went viral last week and a Dublin company SONAS saw their opportunity. 

The bathroom store, based in Blanchardstown, set up this hilarious Tinder profile, promising customers that their toilets were “tinder date proof.”


Image: SONAS Facebook

Their Tinder toilet is described as “looking for a male or female. Not interested in floaters. Wall hung. Sleek. I enjoy a good night on the tiles when I’m feeling flush.”

They go on to say they’re “looking for someone with a great bum who knows how to push my buttons. I’m dependable, loyal, solid and hard working – no job is too big or too small. I am looking for my number 1 (or number 2!).”

Absolutely gas.  

The company’s owner, Dermot Usher, told Dublin Live that SONAS has been getting a lot of positive feedback from the profile and have even had plenty of matches. 

“Plenty of people are swiping right on our profile. We want people to know that they can rely on SONAS Bathrooms products if they’re ever caught short while on a date,” he said.

“Visiting the bathroom in someone’s house for the first time can cause a surprising amount of stress for people. We carried out a survey recently about people’s most embarrassing bathroom moments and a huge portion of the respondents mentioned an incident involving doing a number 2 in someone else’s house.

“It really does create panic like nothing else, especially in those early days.”

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