This Dublin Café Is Handing Out Free Coffees To Those Who Hate Black Friday


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Is this the most clever marketing tool yet?

We think so, and we hope it'll catch on.

Bang Bang, the quaint little café of dreams in Phibsborough, have posted about their distaste when it comes to all of the Black Friday nonsense, and are rewarding their customers for thinking the same. 

That, in its entirety says:

Hearing and reading non stop adverts for "Black Friday" in Ireland, whilst unsurprising, is pretty sad. It represents all the negatives of a consumerist modern society.....has nothing to do with Ireland (or even Europe) in any way.....the media here lap it up....and no doubt a lot of society will too. 

The Americanisation continues.....

Today - on this lovely cold crisp Friday morning we've a different message. If you want to escape the constant selling directed at you come in to us and mention you aren' into all this Black Friday business. 

We'll shake your hand and give you a free tea/coffee ❤️

Sound x

Free coffee and less nonsense? 

Sounds good to us!

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Written By

Kate Demolder

Kate is a staff writer here at Lovin Dublin.