Have You Heard The Truth Behind This Grafton Street Con Job Yet?

When you think about it, this international scam is actually painfully obvious

Grafton Street

Fellow humans. Dog lovers. I have some very upsetting news for you all....we've all fallen for a huge con when it comes to those sand dog sculptures on Grafton Street... They're fake. 

In a wonderful piece of investigative journalism (we're only half messing when saying that because nobody else copped it), the identical dogs have been spotted pop up all across England and even further into Europe.

Let us explain this shocking scandal...

The key is that they're all pretty much finished when you see them

A quick search on social media finds the exact same dog in multiple locations

With the owners clearly using a mould or brining in a finished sculpture early in the morning

Dublin was quick to get in on the act

I feel especially stupid for throwing two euros in last week. The guy was actually looking at his own dog pretending to sculpt him (I now remember it looked nothing like the sculpture). I was conned!

The other side of me says fair play though! Nobody copped onto this and I often saw 50 people watching a 'sculpture' happening in real time on Grafton Street tossing money. 


Main image: 1000 Words/Shutterstock.com

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