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This Is How Much Parking In Dublin Will Cost When The Prices Increase Next Week

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When driving into town, it’s always handy to have few coins in your pocket for the inevitability of paying for parking.

From Monday though, you’ll have to make sure to bring an extra few pennies as the cost of parking is going up. In red and yellow zones, the price is going up by 30 cents an hour and parking in the red zone under the new changes will cost €2.70 per 60 minutes. In the yellow zone, motorists will pay €3.20 per hour.

The biggest increase will be in the suburban green zone areas a 56% price hike will see motorists pay €2.70 per hour where they would have previously paid €1.60.

For those wondering, the following map shows the outline of each zone…

Depending on where you want to park from Monday onwards, it might be an idea to invest in a leap card.

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