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20th Dec 2016

This Is The Most Careless Driver In Dublin

Alana Laverty

An Garda Síochána have been hitting the streets hard with checkpoints throughout the country. 

And in the last few days they’ve found some pretty disturbing and unlawful practices. 

Like this odd and dangerous screwdriver DIY:

And this learner driver who was drink driving:

And last night they caught someone acting like a total arse. 

Not only were they not wearing a seatbelt, but they were also watching the feckin’ news on their phone! WHILE DRIVING. 


According to the RSA, 20-30% of road collisions are caused by distracted drivers on their phones. That’s as many as 1,400 fatalities per year. 

Using your mobile while driving makes you four times more likely to crash. And makes you four times more of a complete asshole. 

Just don’t. 

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