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18th Jul 2017

This Is The Most ‘Fly Infested’ County In Ireland


First of all, yuck. Second of all, yuck, FLIES.

We don’t know how a creature so small can make us sooo angry, but flies are up there with the most irritating things known to man. Just made a nice fruit salad? Oh, well hello there fly who is now trampling sticky little fly feet all over my apricots.

An Irish pest control provider Rentokil is reporting that fly infestations in Ireland have risen by a horrific 39% in the last year, with one county in particular home to almost a fifth of all fly infestations in the country.

Dublin is where 18% of infestations are reported, and the company predicts that the number of infestations will continue to rise, as recently reported by residents in Dublin 4. 

Rentokil has warned hotel and restaurant owners to be vigilant in safeguarding their premises against fly infestations this summer, as it predicts a bumper season for the pests.

Other tourist hot spots of Galway (16%), Kerry (14%) and Cork (12%) have also all reported high levels of the bugs in the unusually warm summer weather.

The common house fly spreads food poisoning, diarrhoeal diseases and skin and eye infections, posing a serious headache for business owners. In addition to posing a threat to brand reputation, flies are responsible for causing the highest number of staff illnesses, compared to other pests such as rodents and cockroaches.

Fly larvae can take 7-10 days to mature into adults, and can lay up to 1,000 eggs in their lifetime.


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