This Is When Your Relationship Will Reach Its Sexual Peak

Have you already been through it?

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Ever wondered how long it takes for the passion to start dying down in a relationship? Well, according to science, it actually happens pretty quickly.

Published in the journal Archives Of Sexual Behaviour, a study looked at approximately 3,000 couples aged 25-41 over a three-year period to monitor the peaks and troughs of their sex lives.

By asking participants about the sexual satisfaction and the frequency of their sexual activities, the researchers discovered that satisfaction increased over the first six months of a relationship, peaking in the second half of the first year together.

After the first year, however, sexual satisfaction starts to decline.

The study found various factors contributed to the speed of the sexual decline, such as health status, intimacy in couple communication, and conflict style, but it also found that living together and marriage didn't seem to play a role in sexual satisfaction.

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