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This Mad Video Of Cars Driving The Wrong Way Up The Quays Is Going Viral

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The area around the docklands can be stressful for drivers at the best of times, and it doesn’t help when people go rogue. 

This video of two cars driving in the wrong lane at North Wall Quay was posted on Reddit earlier today, and it’s going viral. 

The driver filming the video forces two cars to reverse and reenter the correct lane, and is being commended for his or her ballsiness.

“Love how the driver forced the pricks in the wrong lane to back up,” wrote one commenter. 

“These drivers are bullies who make the roads unsafe in order to knock a few seconds off their commute!” added another.

“By showing them that other drivers wont stand for their bullsh*t, they’re more likely to think twice before driving like that again.”

Now for ya. 

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