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20th Dec 2016

Throw Your Hat And Scarf In The Bin – It’s Going To Be A Balmy One In Dublin Today


That’s it, lads – summer is here, and there’s absolutely no turning back.

Even as we write, before the sun has poked its mug over the horizon, it’s 13C out there, so we’re just going to go ahead and bin ALL our winter wear, safe in the knowledge that we shall never again know cold.


But wait a second. According to, the morning’s balmy temperatures aren’t here to stay for long. And there might be a bit of rain. And wind.

Temperatures will be 11 to 13 degrees early in the morning, but it will turn cooler during the day with typical afternoon temperatures of 8 or 9 degrees. Rather windy as well for much of the day

Oh. Right.

Well, we’re just going to pick those winter clothes out of the bin then… but hey, that fleeting sense of hope was nice while it lasted.