There Was A Very Awkward 'Goodbye' To This Celebrity Interview On RTE Radio This Morning

Ryan Tubridy Didn't know what to do

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We've all heard of the Irish goodbye but we've never heard it executed perfectly on the radio.

And to make it even better, the person who did it isn't from Ireland but still nailed it.

Hugh Jackman was on Ryan Tubridy's radio show this morning and Tubs immediately regretted explaining the Irish goodbye to him.

Because Jackman, in the middle of the interview, just point blank didn't answer Tubridy's question and left him hanging.

There was pure silence for about 15 seconds when Hugh roared down the phone "that was my Irish goodbye."

The trickster had Tubridy all worked up too:

“You’re kidding me. You completely got me. I thought your PR guys just said, ‘he’s got to go, kill it’."

Jackman plays three live shows in Dublin's 3Arena in May and even said that he'd love to do the Irish Goodbye on stage.

“Can I do the Irish goodbye on stage? That could be a first. Three quarters of the way through the show, I could do it in Dublin.

“The dancers come on and there’s about a five minute period of ‘is he coming back?’ and I’ll just post, ‘guys that was my Irish goodbye.’"

We want to see this happening.

You can listen to the awky momo here.

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