Two-Hour Tailback Due To Overturned Car On The M50

Accident cleared but traffic might take some time...

M50 Tailback

Dublin traffic has ground to a halt as an overturned car at the Red Cow exit – the busiest junction on the city's ring road – has caused serious tailbacks.

To add insult to injury, in the last hour a truck broke down, too, on the Navan Rd outbound to the M50, causing further delays on to the motorway.

If you're already on the M50? Bad news – while Google maps are predicting a 41-minutes-longer-than-usual journey, reports on social media (from passengers, we hope #donttextanddrivekids) suggest that some poor feckers have been sitting in their steel boxes for up to two hours on the way to work.

But with the Dublin Fire Brigade on the scene and the overturned car clears – with no reports yet of injuries – traffic should be set to clear up soon, and you might just be at your desk in time for lunch.

Ah, Monday – another great start to a glorious week in Dublin.

Written By

Rosemary MacCabe