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16th Feb 2018

Two Men Allegedly Tried To Lure A Teenage Girl Into A Car In North Dublin


Gardaí are investigating an incident in which two men allegedly approached a teenage girl and attempted to lure her into the car with them on the Navan Road.

The incident happened on 2 February at approximately 1pm. 

The girl, who is believed to be 16-years-old, was walking near Ashington Park and Abbey Drive when she was approached by the two men in a silver car.

However, two young men saw the incident, and came to the rescue of the teenage girl, Dublin Live reported. 

A Garda spokesperson said: “There was a report of a suspicious approach of a female child which occurred at Abbey Drive, Navan Road, on February 2 at approximately 1pm.”

“Girl reports she was walking home when a silver vehicle pulled up along side her and asked her to get into the vehicle.”

The spokesperson added that the men in the car drove off, and investigations are currently ongoing. 

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