WATCH: The Trailer For The New Brad Pitt And Marion Cotillard Film Released Hours After Jolie Split

Wonderful timing...


Unless you've been living under a rock, on Mars, with your fingers in your ears and the wi-fi hasn't been working, then you will have heard that mega-famous celeb couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are getting divorced. 

Tongues are wagging worldwide as to what actually went down and a major reason for the split is alleged to have been Brad having a dalliance with French actress Marion Cotillard, with whom he stars in the upcoming movie 'Allied'.

In what was sure to be just a massive coincidence, the official Twitter account for the movie put out a trailer, just hours after the news broke yesterday.

Anyone spot any chemistry there?

The film stars Pitt and Cotillard as intelligence officers who meet fall in love in 1940's North Africa.

While the world continues to speculate about what actually went down, it's safe to assume that this release will spark a lot of curiosity when it reaches cinemas in November

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