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11th Aug 2017

Weedkiller To Be Banned In South Dublin By End Of This Year


A controversial weedkiller, that is believed to be carcinogenic to humans, is set to be banned in South Dublin by the end of this year.

The weedkiller contains glyphosate, a substance that has been deemed ‘probably carcinogenic to humans’ by the International Agency for Research Against Cancer (IARC).

According to The Herald, South Dublin County Council and Dún Laoghaire/Rathdown County Council have attended demonstrations on ‘alternate weed control methods’ in recent months in an effort to find a replacement for the substance.

However, a report by the IARC back in 2015 found that while the weedkiller was likely carcinogenic to humans, another report from the European Food Safety Authority suggested it was ‘unlikely’ to cause cancer.

Glyphosate kills weeds by blocking proteins essential to plant growth and has been used in commercial weedkilling products since the 1970s.

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