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20th Dec 2016

With Freezing Temperatures Now Setting In, This Full-Sized Bear Sleeping Bag Will Be Essential


With temperatures plunging at the moment, many are digging out woolly hats, onesies and extra layers just to cope.

Naturally the smarter animals on this planet, like bears, just take a few months off to hibernate. One Japanese designer has come up with the perfect way for humans to embrace the bear’s way of life with the launch of this $2,350 full-sized bear suit.

While the suit does sound a tad expensive, you can also see just how comfortable it would be and how nobody would try and move you for fear of being eaten.

You’d also be toasty warm and not have to move until spring came around again.

Looks like they’re going to sell out pretty quickly…

People are getting very excited about this. What else could you ask for when it’s cold and hungover on a Sunday?

We mean REALLY excited!


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