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20th Mar 2020

Working tap and soap appear on the doors of Pantibar

Brian Dillon

Working tap and soap appear on the doors of Pantibar

“Pantibar’s door is playing its part”. This is a class idea, in fairness. The doors to Panti Bliss’ iconic bar, Pantibar, appear to have a brand new addition in the form of a hand-washing station.

Panti tweeted a photo of the working tap and hand-soap station with the caption, “Pantibar’s door is playing its part. Never has one door been asked to do so much by so many, etc.

“And before you ask: the tap is properly plumbed into the mains – and I wouldn’t expect anything less from Shane the manager!”

And people are loving it. One person replied to Panti’s tweet saying, “Panti Bliss: Queen. Hero. Hand washer.”

Another said, “A great idea especially for the homeless people in Dublin who don’t have access to facilities to protect themselves.”

Panti and fellow drag queen extraordinaire Bunny O’Hare have been keeping spirits up during this difficult time. Earlier in the week, they posted a lip-sync on PantiBar’s Instagram account, writing, “Covid lockdown productions are proud to present…

“Panti and Bunny get up to some of the strangest things while on lockdown in the dressing room (yes, they are in isolation together in Pantibar!)”

This is just the kind of entertainment we are in need of in a time like this.

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