Wrap Up Warm, Folks – It's Going To Be A Cooooold One Out There Today

Can't we just all call in sick?


We Irish can't deal with terms like 'frost', 'ice' and 'sub-zero' – but they're all in today's forecast for the Dublin region, which warns of a damn chilly one out there.

Ah crap.

It's going to warm up a bit once it gets bright (apparently the sun has something to do with heat – who knew?), and it's going to then stay "dry and bright across most areas for the day" with "long spells of bright winter sunshine".

But by the time we've all left our desks this evening, the temperatures are expected to have plummeted down to around freezing point – and the wind is going to pick up too.

So yeah. If you have a scarf, a hat and a duvet pod on wheels, today might be a good day to deploy them...

Written By

Aidan Coughlan