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10th Oct 2018

You Can Rent This Tiny Shed In Dublin For An Unbelievable Price And We’re Not Even Surprised Anymore


Another day, another sorry excuse for rented accommodation in the capital.

This place doesn’t even deserve to be called a shed considering it’s about half the size of a feckin’ wendy house.

And you can have it for the incredibly extortionate price of €700 a month.

Before I go any further, I want to tell you about the one upside. It has some lovely plants and soft furnishings which makes me think the landlord knows how crap it is and is trying to offset that by decorating it nicely.

But at the end of the day, it’s 12.29m² of space that you wouldn’t even let your dog sleep in for the winter.

How is a human meant to survive in a place like this?

Sutton Shed Bed
Sutton Shed Kitchen
Sutton Shed Ladder

€700 for the luxury of climbing a bloody ladder to get into bed every night.

This place gives me ire.

Described as a “unique little room” – little being the key feckin’ word – and has “pretty much all you need”.

Pretty much? Yeah, if you’re the size of a garden gnome.

It goes on, “you can enter the house through the garden. The flat then has a fully equipped kitchen when you walk in. It also has a sitting area, with table and chairs. You can get up to the bed by climbing some stairs. Below the bed is the bathroom, complete with toilet and shower. You’d only need to enter the main house to use the washing machine.”

Which translates as, “don’t even think about entering the house for any other reason, even if you’re freezing to death in that little wendy house you pay through the nose for.”

To add insult to injury, the advert also says you are “close enough to smell the sea breezes” and “if you like being outdoors, this is a great place for you.”

Well, yes because you’re essentially already living outside.

What makes this even worse is the raft of measures set to benefit landlords in Budget 2019 announced yesterday.

How many were announced to benefit tenants? Oh, that’s right – zero.

Dublin, you never fail to completely and utterly disappoint me when it comes to accommodation.

Thanks to David Costello for sharing this with us.

EDIT: The advert has since been taken down, but we still feel like it’s worth highlighting.

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