You Can Now Send Your Beloved A Personalised Spud For Valentine's Day

What a time to be alive

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Straining your brain to come up with the perfect Valentine's gift? Look no further, because here it is: the personalised potato. Yup.

A website named Mystery Potato is now providing the service, putting your own personalised message on an uncooked spud for that special someone in your life.

The service isn't just for Valentine's Day, of course, so you can send a message via the tuberous crop to mark any occasion.

Here are a few examples. 

All potatoes are mailed in a standard white envelope with a standard postage label with delivery tracking. Mystery Potato's return address is on the package to allow you to remain anonymous if you wish. 

So you can just send someone a random spud with a mysterious message on it and they could potentially never know who sent it. We're on board with that.

If you wanna gift someone with a floury surprise this Valentine's, visit Mystery Potato here.

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