Dublin Is Now A 'Dog-Hostile' City – And This Canine Clampdown Is A Massive Step Back

Another example of the nanny state – and this time, they've really pissed us off

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There has been a bit of a kerfuffle about dogs being in Dublin venues that serve food over the last couple of days, since we broke the story about them being banned in canine-friendly MVP.

The HSE have been clamping down – and to me, this seems like a massive step back for our city. 

To put things into perspective I like to think of a typical walk of my own across town... when alone I'll be like most commuters, with my head down often buried in my smartphone avoiding eye contact at all costs. 

But dogs are man's (and women's) best friend for a reason. Unlike ourselves they don't tend to rob, harass or be rude – instead they only display pure love, and help us to be our best selves. 

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When I bring one of my dogs to The Fumbally, I get talking to groups of mother with their babies, laugh with people I would not normally have met and enjoy life at a whole different level. 

I share my life with my dogs (that's the two of them above in case you're interested – Snoop and Busta) and for their unquestioned loyalty they deserve to share my most happy moments with me. That means being out in social settings with them in tow. 

"I spend time in Paris where dogs happily sit under tables patiently waiting for crumbs from their owners' foie gras and toast."

I don't expect to inflict them on everybody, because I know dogs are not for everybody. But if an establishment chooses to welcome our canine friends, and let their customers choose whether or not to enter on that basis, I see no reason why they shouldn't enjoy a public space with me. 

I spend time in Paris where dogs happily sit under tables patiently waiting for crumbs from their owners' foie gras and toast.

In New York, dive bar owners put out doggie treats and water for their patrons knowing the benefits it will bring to their establishment. And in Germany, restaurant chain Vapiano has water bowls for dogs in every outlet.


Yet here in Dublin, they're shunned. Do the natural laws of health and safety apply differently here? Do germs travel differently through Irish air? Do dogs create some sort of risk that, somehow, just doesn't exist in other countries?

My arse. It's like food trucks – a lazy, catch-all blanket ban is chosen instead of sitting down and developing a policy that could move our city and our country forward.

Get a grip lads. Dogs make life better. 

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Niall Harbison

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