Hey Avoca, Using A Live Donkey To Flog Your Goods Is Really Not Cool

Poor little fella

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Retailers are entering the most important time of the year when it comes to sales and one key element to attracting punters seems to be animals. 

John Lewis released their wonderful ad yesterday filled full of our furry friends and Avoca in Ireland have joined the party with a donkey at their Christmas launch. 

Some people aren't too happy though and I'd be one of them. 

Bringing a donkey into a busy city centre street at night with bright lights, cars, people taking selfies with him and dressing him up with presents doesn't seem like the ideal way to treat any four-legged friend. 

Obviously the idea was that having a live animal prop at the door would bring lots of coverage from the influencers attending the event. 

I'm sure everybody had a good time but the donkey really should be out in a shed or a field where he belongs. 

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What do you think? Is this just too much?

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