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20th Dec 2016

Jamie Heaslip – 8 Things I’m Lovin This Week


When I joined the site myself and Niall talked about content I could add that fitted into my busy schedule. I’m passionate about Rugby, tech, great design and of course food which is why I got involved. More than anything I love Dublin and the buzz in this city. I’ll be sharing some of the stuff that I find online each Friday and if you have anything that you think I should see drop us a line. This is the stuff that has crossed my radar and that I love this week and I’d love to hear what you think in the comments…

Sunday Times Culture Video

The beautiful simplicity of this video and the way it engages you through some classic movies, music and culture.

The Google Doodle

One of the trademarks of Google’s marketing is the way they changes their logo to different doodles on their homepage. I’ve seen hundreds of over the years but the latest one supporting the gay athletes in the winter Olympics is superb.
Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 14.39.39

Withings Body Analyzer

The move towards body sensors is well and truly on and this sort of tech that will be playing a bigger part in our life over the next couple of years. I love this combination of old and new technology.
Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 14.57.21

The All New Landrover Sport

I’m a big fan of the these cars and can’t wait to pick one of them up on Monday. Slick lines and a new sport feel. Landrover have been brilliant at keeping the same shape but constantly evolving their iconic design over the years.

Glass Titanium

Google are getting ready to launch glass to the public in the next few months. It has huge potential and I’m glad to see their design is getting better as they continue to refine it.

Cybernetic Hand

Amputees are about to get a sense of touch as technology takes things to a new level. Really interested to see tech, health care and robotics all coming together in this incredible project.

Travel Kit

Being a professional rugby player you tend to spend a lot of time in hotels and on the road. I love this simple high quality travel kit because not only does it work well but the design is slick too.

Sony 4k Projector

TVs seem to be getting bigger and bigger but what takes things to an even higher level is this bad ass 4k Sony projector. Imagine hooking up an Xbox or Playstation to this beast?