Now Here's An Idea - A Gluten Free, Dairy Free Restaurant So Good No-One Realises What They're Missing

We're in!

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If you've never eaten gluten free or dairy free, it probably seems like a pretty alien concept...

Most people don't realise that a lot of food can be naturally gluten and dairy free. Even as a coeliac, I find that people are always surprised to discover that the likes of potatoes or rice are gluten free.

A restaurant in London recently went completely gluten and dairy free, without telling their customers. According to the Evening Standard, Dominic Teague, from Indigo restaurant in Covent Garden’s One Aldwych hotel worked on a gluten and dairy free menu after noticing that more and more customers were presenting themselves with dietary requirements.

Dominic Teague and his team didn't announce the change in the menu, for fear of scaring people off, and instead just made it suitable for everyone. Sure, some people avoiding gluten or dairy do it by choice, but there are also very severe allergy sufferers out there, and this encompasses all possibilities.

It's a bit of a genius idea really, when you think about it: maintaining the same high standard of food whilst making your menu accessible for far more diners. And, considering that Ireland has one of the highest rates of coeliac disease in the world, Dublin restaurateurs would be very clever to follow suit.

So, any volunteers?!

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