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20th Dec 2016

The Incredibly Useful Piece Of Kitchen Tech All Good Home Chefs Should Have


When I worked in a professional kitchen one tool that I couldn’t live without was a good thermometer. They can be an absolute fucking life saver when it comes to getting meat cooked to perfection, prepping chocolate or a whole host of other pastry tasks. Chefs rely on them for lots of other things like keeping hygiene standards up and cooling food down correctly.


Despite thermometers being universal in professional kitchens you won’t find many of them in the home but that could be about to change with this slick looking new gadget. I first spotted it on Kickstarter and the product is now on the market and looking seriously slick. It taps into your iPhone or iPad to give you data on the food you are cooking. If you only use this for cooking perfect meat then I’d suggest getting one because it would change your life.


I wouldn’t really want a big clunky industrial style one in my house but this is well designed and tidy. Not cheap though at over a hundred bucks but I’m seriously tempted. What do you think? Like it?