This Open Letter From A Cyclist To Dublin City Council Highlights The Dangers Of Cycling In The Centre

A terrifying experience...

Cyclist Fast

We all know that the number of cyclists commuting through the city centre has risen rapidly over the last few years, but we also know that this is a terrifying place to get around on just two wheels. 

Jacky Grainger has had enough and decided to share her experiences in an open letter to Dublin City Council through a Facebook post outlining what she faces every day of the week as a cyclist. 

She focuses on Westmoreland Street – which is an especially tough area to cycle through – and shares a photo of the 'wall of steel'.

With so much work going on there at the moment as part of the Luas Cross City works, and the amount of buses that drive through that area every minute, it is no place for a cyclist.

Something has to change. 

Cyclists will undoubtedly agree with Jacky. 

Are there any other areas that you've experienced a similar situation?

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