Throwback Thursday: When food videos first landed on 'the internet' and Niall wore questionable jumpers


Ah, the joys of having editorial say over all that appears on what was once Niall Harbison's little blog but is now mine, MINE (ok, not really but dramatic effect and all that).


You know that feeling of shame you get when you're reminded of cringey Facebook status updates from 2007 when you wrote them not as proper sentences but as actions in the third person? I.E. Caroline Foran: 'is bored with her hair. Should I go back blonde?' No likes or comments. Or worse, that photo of you at your brother's 21st back in 19-0-splash, when what basically constituted as hooker boots were 'in fashion', as was wearing purple eye shadow, straightening the absolute fock out of your hair and getting rat-arsed on Smirnoff Black Ice? Or, lads, those photos your mam keeps whipping out every time you bring a new bird home in which you're sporting a dashing step haircut, donned in an umbro jumper, 'desert boots' and posing with your middle finger to the camera? You probably had a spot between your eyebrows that resembled something like a portal to another parallel universe as well. Yep, we've all been there. Awkward family photos. Scarleh.


Well the man behind Lovin Dublin's got a few little dirty secrets of his own and because he was one of the first folk in Ireland to get involved in that whole 'internet' phenomenon, I don't have to go trawling through Niall's mother's archives to find them, they're mostly online. *Evil laugh*. Some of you may take issue with the boss man's unyielding, near brutal honesty at times, so if he's ever rubbed you up the wrong way, consider this a golden opportunity to have a good oul rofl at the absolute state of him way back when.

First up we have Mr Harbison sporting a jumper to rival that of Dougal Maguire. You see it's got a dual function, this key wardrobe staple. It keeps you relatively warm but at the same time it works wonders as a chess or draughts board. And of course it's just stunning to look at also. Don't you just love how the squares complement the lines of his shirt underneath? A sartorial virtuoso, we think you'll agree.

Remember when the internet was as perplexing as the rubik's cube? 'Vidjeo? On the internet? As in not on the telly? Sure you're only pullin' me leg' your mam, or Pat Kenny may have said. Behold, a time when such jumpers were excusable and the notion of not having to wait til Delia Smyth whips out her pastry on the BBC to follow a recipe in real time caused widespread migraines.

And looky here, he may be fairly handy when it comes to novel ideas online in 2014, but at one point Niall actually thought the best way to open a video was with a brief musical intro, courtesy of Nelly's 'Ride with Me'. Note the impressive visual effects in here too. Though at least he knew how to cook a steak, we'll give him that much. Six months into YouTube's existence and there was Niall, doing his thang.

And lastly, so as not to destroy him entirely (though he actually believes there's a lovely lady out there who'll watch that first video and feel compelled to save him from his own wardrobe), we'll finish with another gem of a video that demonstrates the absolute best in online production. Again, absolutely lovin' the gangsta intro and the absolute awe at the idea of something as crazy as 'gps'. Production values off the hook.

How far we've all come. Any cringey moments from your own past that you'd like to share?

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Caroline Foran