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Why Are We Being Such Monumental Lick Arses Giving The Obamas The Freedom Of Dublin?

By niallharbison

February 7, 2017 at 2:19pm


It's fair to say the world has a lot of time for the Obamas right now and the relative normality they brought to the White House over the last eight years, in comparison to the racist buffoon that is Donald Trump. 

When news broke today that the Obamas were to be given the Freedom of Dublin though, I had to check that it wasn't a Waterford Whispers headline or, worse still, flat out fake news. 

It turns out though that it's true and it represents the stupidest, lamest and most ass-licking gesture you could imagine.

What are we giving them the Freedom of Dublin for? The half a day they spent here during the presidency? As some sort of reverse protest against Trump? Has he been out on the streets at night serving cups of soups to the homeless without us noticing?

Of course, the real reason for doing this is politics. It would make the ultimate photo opportunity if they were to pull it off. 

23 people voted against the motion and even walked out in disgust over the move. And they were completely right to do so. 

Nobody is doubting that the Obamas are well liked and history might judge them well but they have no connection to Dublin. This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever and is just about trying to get publicity. 

You might as well give the award to Cristiano Ronaldo or Kim Kardashian. 

The wonderful Michelle Obama Speech

The Freedom of Dublin shouldn't be a political statement. This is the worst side of Ireland imaginable and it makes me cringe. This is us trying to get ourselves onto the international stage using the notions of an award ceremony. Paddywhackery. 

I'm just stunned that given the amount of things to fix in this city (transport, housing and healthcare to name but three) they even found the time to conjure up this idea, debate it and vote. 

A complete distraction and waste of time.

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