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An Irish Cartoonist Sent Hailo This Picture After They Gave Her A Heartwarming Gift

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So it’s fair to say Twisteddoodles had a pretty good day on Wednesday.

The cartoonist and scientist, whose real name is Maria Boyle, took to social media yesterday to write about an act of kindness from the folks at Hailo.

After receiving an automatic message from the taxi app on her phone telling her that she hadn’t used it in awhile, and suggesting ways in which she could be using it, the doodler thought she’d write to the company to explain why she hadn’t shown them any love lately…

Hi Hailo!

Thank you for your email about how my Hailo account hasn’t been used.
I just want you to know that this isn’t because of you, I love your
service, I have used it on nights out and to go to the airport or the train
station, it’s a real joy.

The reason I haven’t used your app as of late is I have 8 month old twin
girls, who are wonderful, don’t get me wrong.

But in essence I have no life.

I hardly ever go out, I haven’t gone to the airport or the train station,
in fact it has actually been a year since I’ve left Dublin at all. I am not
even from Dublin but I’ve been in this city for a year.

A year in Dublin, not taking taxis, wait we took a Hailo to the maternity
hospital, so thanks for that.

So trust me Hailo, I’m aware that your app is on my phone, I also have a
few hotel booking apps which aren’t getting a look in either.

We’ll be together again some day Hailo.

Just you wait.

We’ll totally go out on the town.

Warmest regards,


Thinking it would simply give someone at Hailo a laugh, Maria thought no more of it. Until she received two emails from the company, the first saying that her Hailo account had been topped up to allow her to take some well-needed trips, and a second to tell her that the office also decided to give her a €100 voucher for her favourite restaurant.

After emailing her profuse thank yous and “doing a little cry”, the illustrator made this drawing for Hailo to show her appreciation.


Pic: Twisted Doodles/Facebook

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