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Strange Dublin Apartment On Sale For €57,000 Has Ad Removed For This Reason

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It’s the first time we’ve seen an apartment like this being up for sale in the capital.

The advertisement was only up for a short space of time when it was taken down by Adverts.ie.

The ad in question said that “1/4 of a Dublin apartment was up for sale”.

Yes, as in one quarter.

It was removed from the website after gaining a bit of attention online.

The apartment, in Balgriffin, was said to be worth €230,000 overall and the person selling was offering 25% of the apartment for €57,000.

The advert stated that there would be a mortgage on the place of €900 a month and that it was available for five years.

“You move in end of summer ’19 and can live in it for five years. I will be moving to Spain.”

“After five years, I have choice to either live in or rent for five years. If I decide to live in it, I will pay you rent for your 1/4. Approx €300 per month.

“After 10 years is up. We can sell apt and take whatever profits is made or we can continue to rent if we both agree. Interested people. Message me and we can set up a viewing.”

Now, however, there is no trace of the advertisement on google.

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