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PIC: Dublin House Is Up For Rent For €800 A Month To Help Young Couples Save For A Mortgage

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Why can’t all Irish landlords be this sound?

A landlord in Dublin has significantly lowered the renting price of one of its houses for a very special reason.

The logic behind this is so that one lucky couple will be able to move in and would have a better chance of saving up for a mortgage with the reduced renting rate.

The house in Ongar has a renting price of just €800 which – at a guess in this economic climate – is more than half of what it would normally be.

All the landlord is asking for is proof that you and your partner are currently trying to save or apply for a mortgage.

If you’re interested, you are asked to fill out this form on the Howley Souhan Estate Agents website.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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