PIC: Smithfield Store Charging Insane Amount For Ham And Cheese Sandwich

This is absolutely extortionate.

Ham And Cheese Sandwich Main

What's the most you'd part with for a ham and cheese sandwich? €4? maybe somewhere under €5?

Sure, we love a good ham and cheese toastie and it's yumminess would keep us filled for the day but we honestly don't think we'd pay that much for it.

Reddit user, ShaolinHashshared this photo on the site and said that the boom must be back when plain ham and cheese's are going for prices like this.

Ham And Cheese Sandwich 2

This sambo is €5.50 if you have it cold and nearly SIX FECKING EURO, if you get heated up (which you obviously will in order to get that melted goodness).

People were saying that the extra price is for that fancy "piece of twine and paper" that the sandwich is kept together with.

We think we'll bring our own sang-widges in, thank you very much.

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