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PIC: This Lad On The First Morning Train To Heuston After A Hard Weekend On The Sesh Was In Some Hoop

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This is the last person you want to see on a Monday morning.

If you had to characterise ‘The Fear’ as a person, it would be this lad.

His face is covered, similar to the Grim Reaper.

But instead of reminding you that death is nigh, he reminds you of the craic from the weekend and how the fun doesn’t need to stop, unless you want it to.

On an already hard commute to work, this lad is a constant reminder of how much easier your transition from the weekend to Monday would be if you didn’t touch a drop.

This boyo was on the first train from Newbridge to Heuston on a Monday morning at 6:40am and he wasn’t even close to being hungover, but by God you just knew that it was going to hit him harder than a Katie Taylor knockout.

Lad Heuston Train Sesh Monster

Image via: Reddit

He had his jacket over his head and kept saying “woooo, I’m a sesh monster” as he rocked back and forward in his seat.

Now if that’s not the calm before the untimely and awful hangover storm, I don’t know what it is.

We’d say he was like a Nutri-Grain bar for a while after this, in absolute bits.

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