Is This The Best Tweet The Garda Twitter Account Has Ever Sent Out?

Just when you thought they couldn't top their previous gags...

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For those of you who believe that Twitter is full of madness and serious nonsense, this is the breath of fresh air you've been waiting for. 

The An Garda Síochána Twitter profile has, since its inception in May 2011, been surpassing expectations, surprising the masses and even spreading joy to the people of Ireland and beyond with its wholly Irish and innocent mutterings into the internet, just trying to do some good. 

While most of their tweets are traffic and motor based, we do indulge in the occasional goldmine where their seek to help surpasses all else. 

Like this one.

Not much else to say, other than what a great bunch of lads.

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Written By

Kate Demolder

Kate is a staff writer here at Lovin Dublin.