It'll Cost You €9.65 For A Glass Of Wine In This Dublin Bar

Is the country well and truly back to its old ways?


Well this is ridiculous.

The crazy prices of the Celtic Tiger days have well and truly returned to the capital, we've seen it in recent times with salad and lemonade amounting to €21.50 and tap water even costing €3, and now it seems the newly opened bar Farrier & Draper is getting in on the action, serving glasses of wine costing €9.65. 

Farrier Draper Receipt

After hearing about the new bar, Kate Ni Mhordha decided to give it a try. Here's what she told us. 

Last night a few friends and I went to Farrier & Draper, having heard it was a new place and to go check it out. I was absolutely shocked to discover the price of a glass of wine there! €9.65? This wasn't a large glass nor did I ask for a more expensive wine, this was the price for the glass. 

I don't know who they think can afford this and it is disgraceful! We won't be back. Nor will I be recommending it to other friends.

What are your thoughts on that price?

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