'My Dad Texts Me And Says My Dog Went Missing. 20 Minutes Later He Sends Me This'

This is maybe the best thing that's ever happened on the internet


This is just too good.

Reddit user StummDoggBillionaire received what must have been a fairly alarming text, saying that their dog had gone missing.

20 minutes later, however, the mystery had been neatly resolved – Bear, a Jack Russell Terrier who the user describes as "the little brother I never had for the last 13 years" had been located safe and well.

In the dishwasher.

And the result? Well, a picture that just gets funnier and funnier the longer you look at it.


"He's 13 but still thinks he's two," said the user, who explained that it wasn't Bear's first time disappearing into a bizarrely tight spot.

"I'm sure all the other Jack Russell owners here can attest to this, but they're dogs bred to chase rats into holes. He's been into way more impressive spaces, just not quite as funny as this one."

Written By

Aidan Coughlan