PICS: This House On Reginald Street Has One Extremely Weird Piece Of Furniture

Pretty sure you couldn't pick up one of those in IKEA...

Daft Furniture

If you've ever spent some perusing DAFT, you'll know it can be home to some spectacularly odd advertisements on occasion – this is one such ad.

redbrick cottage on Reginald Street in Dublin 8 is currently available for let, with two bedrooms (a single and a double) for €1,500. So far, so standard.

Until, of course, you take a look at the seating situation in the kitchen...

Furn 1

Is that a...

Furn 2

Nah, it couldn't be...

Furn 3

Huh, indeed it is: there's a church pew at the kitchen table. 

Not sure if that'd make us more or less likely to want to live here though.


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Seán Kenehan

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