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PICS: You Can Rent This Shed In Someone’s Garden For €1,200 A Month

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In the latest depressing ad to be found on Daft.ie, someone is currently renting out their garden shed on a long-term basis.

And while this might not be the first of its kind, the landlord is looking for €1,200 a month for this one.

Located in Ashington, Dublin 7, this peak Dublin rental is being rented out for the first time, with a minimum six-month contract.


It comes with ‘all new kitchen appliances and furniture’ and a patio area, though presumably the garden area would be shared with whoever lives in the main property.

The ad also describes it as a ‘new build modern 1 bedroom log cabin with own entrance’. That’s one way of putting it…

You can view the full ad on Daft.ie here.

Images via Daft.ie

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