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PIC: This Sofa For Sale In Dublin Has A Description That Nobody In The World Will Understand

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We are so glad that the days of writing like a Bebo Stunnah are behind us. Well, most of us.

We’d say ‘Meh’ instead of ‘me’, ‘Yhu’ instead of ‘You’ and ‘Luv Cha’ to our 14 year-old girlfriends and boyfriends who we were obviously destined to be with until at least the next teenage disco.

But thankfully, those days of leaving out letters or adding even more letters to a word are long gone.

Except for this person who is keeping the art alive.

They are currently selling a sofa in South Dublin for €450.

The couch is lovely, their grammar however, is horrific.

Sofa For Sale Dublin Main

The first bit is obviously meant to mean “lovely corner sofa” but as for “end myth new on cumin,” what the…is that sentence finished? Is it a cryptic code that if you guess it, you get the sofa for half price?

Has anyone a dictionary? And possibly a Latin to English one at that? Is it Olde English?

We give up, just take our money for the couch and don’t say another word.

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