The 10 Best Photos Spotted On #LovinDublin This Week

You guys have been tagging some amazing photos this week

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Every week you guys tag thousands of photos with #lovindublin over on Instagram and they help us see the city from a very different perspective. 

We wanted to round up the ten best of the week and share them with you all. 

The Indian summer was out in full force for most of the week which meant that Dublin was looking absolutely gorgeous. 

There are 170,000 photos tagged with #lovindublin – so make sure to add yours this week to get featured.

A Sci-Fi type photo in Howth

The city looks even better at night


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Supporting the Dubs

Woof the dubs 👍🏻👍🏻

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A perfect September sunset

The Cheat Bible got a video into the list. Drool!!!

Well that's all our dreams in one short video. Tagged by @thecheatbible 😍😍😍 on #lovindublin

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Sitting in Sam

One last summer treat before the sun vanishes

The final whistle on Hill 16

Final whistle 💙💙💙💙💙 #backtoback #COYBIB #lovindublin

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A perfect calm Liffey

Gorgeous day to be back in #Dublin 🍀 #Dublin7 #Smithfield #RiverLiffey #lovindublin

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Drone footage capturing the city perfectly

#clearSkyDrone #dublinmornings #northwallquay #phantom4 #aerialphotography #liffey #dji #lovindublin

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