The Top 10 Photos Spotted On #Lovindublin This Week

A big week for our little island

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Every week we're amazed at the quality of the photos you guys share on Instagram's #lovindublin hashtag and as it approaches 100,000 photos, the standard just keeps getting higher and higher.

This week has seen an improvement in the weather which means gorgeous sunsets, the first signs of spring, and people getting out and about that little bit more. 

Next time you encounter a ridiculously photogenic moment in this fair city be sure to tag us!


Shiiiitttttttt!!!! Amazing image by @lacey.reade on #lovindublin

A photo posted by Lovin Dublin (@lovindublin) on

A big week for the GPO

Perfect timing

#nofilterneeded #seagull #photobomb #sunrise #dublin #dublintown #morning #lovindublin

A photo posted by Kevin (@kevin_colfer) on

A gorgeous looking Dublin airport

The view from up high

A perfect moment

#rainbow fired out of a #cannon #dublinbay #lovindublin #dunlaoghaire

A photo posted by Fergal Rice (@fergalrice) on

One man and his city

One man and his city. Photo of the day on #lovindublin by @uzairkundi 😍😍😍

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Canal living

A fitting end to a wonderful weekend. Photo captured by @fjwashere on #lovindublin 😍😍

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What a wonderful little city

The Irish air corps doing their best work

What a view. Taken yesterday by the Irish air corps. 💚💚💚

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