This Gal Texted 17 Boys She Met In Dublin Clubs To Wish Them A Happy Valentine's Day

And the results were pretty spectacular...

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We've all been there - you have a wee bit of flirtation or a cheeky shift in da club, exchange numbers and never expect to hear from them again...

However, a young lady by the name of Victoria decided to explore those loves lost. Hailing from upstate New York, she has spent the past few summers in Dublin, and has acquired a few numbers along the way. 

So she decided to text 17 Irish boys from her phonebook to wish them a happy Valentine's Day and see what they're up to these days...


"How come you text me?"



“Add me on LinkedIn? Xx".


Don't hate the player - hate the game, Ryan. 


What a charmer.

So there you have it, she texted 17 guys she met in Ireland and only received four replies. 

Tenner bets there are 13 chuffed lads walking around, delighted at their anonymous Valentine's text but too afraid to send the shameful 'nu phone, who dis?' text.

You can read her full blog on this amorous exercise here.

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