This Guy Takes The Most Breathtaking Photos Of Dublin On Instagram

Brighten up your day with his incredible snaps

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Over on Instagram we see thousands of photos shared every week through the #lovindublin hashtag, with over 175,000 already having been tagged. 

While most of the photos are stunning – and help us discover all sorts of new corners of this wonderful city – there are some photographers that are at the very top of their game. 

We feature them daily on our own Instagram but I wanted to start profiling some of their work in more depth and giving them a bigger platform and audience here on the site.

Our first is Antppe or as he is called in real like Giuseppe. Check out his website here

His photos capture magical moments in Dublin and help us all appreciate what an incredible city we live in.

Make sure to give him a follow and brighten up your feed. As you can see from his photos below this is one seriously talented individual going places.

• Tonight, Win or Die trying •

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• No words, just expressions •

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