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This Infographic Reveals The 5 Most Important Things To Irish People

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An infographic has just been released that reveals the most important things to Irish people in 2016.

Conducted by B&A on behalf of Ulster Bank, the survey was carried out using 1,000 Irish participants over the age of 16. 

The research ranked the top five things that really mattered for the Irish, in first place was health (72%), second was kids and their future (42%), third was seeing the world (36%), fourth was making more money (32%), and fifth was getting fit (28%).

The infographic also included what we’re looking forward to most in 2016 and what national problems are the most crucial.

Take a look at it below.

What Matters To Us Portrait 2

The survey also revealed what small things were most valued by the people of Ireland.

Small Things That Matter 2

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