This Infographic Shows The Most Dangerous Parts Of A House For A Drunk Person

Stairs are the number one site of accidents when intoxicated


This infographic shows whereabouts in the house accidents are most likely to happen when under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Using data collected from A&Es departments, the website was able to put together this map of a house complete with figures outlining the statistically most dangerous places in the home for an intoxicated person.

Check out the infographic below.


As you can see, the stairs are the number one site of accidents (17.43%), followed by floors (13.25%) and bicycles (10.17%). said,

In what should come as no surprise, the number of incidents spike considerably between Friday and Sunday. This three-day span represents more than half of all injuries that occur during the week. The impairing effects of drugs and alcohol make even the most mundane tasks inherently more dangerous.

It's hoped that by raising awareness of these dangerous points, people will be better equipped to avoid accidents.


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