This Infographic Shows Ireland's Pornographic Preferences By County

Looks like Westmeath is into some weird stuff...

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Ireland, we never knew you were such dirty feckers.

Pornhub recently published its annual insights, and at the behest of the Irish Mirror they've revealed what each county is looking at. 

The stats show that Irish people most often search the terms lesbian, MILF, and Irish on the site. So, yeah, Irish porn is apparently a thing.

Info Figures

Pic: Pornhub

The most interesting part of the research, however, is that it reveals what counties prefer, like the fact that Dublin is into the Irish stuff, while Westmeath is into 'JOI', a verbal fetish standing for 'jerk off instructions'. Seriously.

Infographic Main

Pic: Pornhub

Anybody else seriously shocked with Westmeath right now?

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