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A Great Bunch Of Pics: Here’s The Best Of Shota Kotake’s Year Of Daily Father Ted Drawings

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In an attempt to break a Guinness World Record, a Japanese artist spent an entire year drawing a Father Ted-inspired picture every single day.

Cabra-based Shota Kotake started honouring Craggy Island’s favourite priest with a daily drawing last May, to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of the iconic TV show. 

With the 365th picture for the Ted-A-Day project being completed last week, we thought we’d assemble 33 of our personal favourites by Shota. 

Check them out below.

Ted 32
Ted 31
Ted 27
Ted 24
Ted 2
Ted 7
Ted 16
Ted 22
Ted 23
Ted 30
Ted 29
Ted 21
Ted 17
Ted 13
Ted 18
Ted 9
Ted 20
Ted 19
Ted 28
Ted 3
Ted 12
Ted 4
Ted 26
Ted 25
Ted 11
Ted 8
Ted 15
Ted 14
Ted 6
Ted 10
Ted 1
Ted 5
Ted 33

If you liked those, head on over to Shota Kotake website here to see the rest of the Ted-A-Day drawings.

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