PODCAST: 'McFeminism' On International Women's Day - Has It Become Just Another Marketing Ploy?

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How did you celebrate International Women's Day? 

From protests to free cocktails Megan and Cassie chat about the broad spectrum of International Women's Day celebrations and what the day really means. 

From the origins of the day and how far we've come, to the new phenomenon of judging the 'quality' of someone's feminism - this week's podcast takes a candid look at the strange pressures and merits of the day.

The first teaser for Season 6 of House of Cards was released this week, with female anti-hero Claire Underwood at the helm.

Megan and Cassie chat about what's expected of a female lead and why it's important to celebrate imperfect, complicated roles for women. 

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Megan Cassidy

Editor at Lovin Media Group. Lives in Dublin. (Dies in Dublin on Sundays.) Undiscovered influencer. Email megan@lovin.com