PODCAST: Sharp Objects And The Female Body in Pop Culture

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We've talked about pain as entertainment countless times before. From gruesome True Crime podcasts to watching poor Laura get continuously dumped on Love Island, the public's appetite for pain with their popcorn is endless.

Sometimes it can feel exploitative, and the line between 'raising awareness' and pure voyeurism gets blurry. Thirteen Reasons Why is a great example of this. To The Bone with Lily Collins is another. HBO's Sharp Objects feels different. The 8-episode mini-series is based on the book by the same name, authored by Gillian Flynn (Gone Girl.

It is relentless and slow-paced. It's consistently dark. But its treatment of female trauma doesn't feel icky. For once, female trauma isn't used as a plot tool to aid a male storyline. It's an exploration of violence among women - both physical and emotional - and the female body. How our inner lives reflect what we present to the world. How trauma doesn't always mean victim. If you haven't watched it yet - do! And let us know what you thought.

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