Dublin Actress Aisling Breen on 'Cushioning', Quick Changes, and Committing To Your Passion

By Megan Cassidy

October 14, 2018 at 10:08am


Dublin actress Aisling Breen began performing at age 7 and never surrendered to the pressure to 'get a real job'.

That's the kind of sass and confidence we love at Before Brunch, and it's exactly what Diet Coke's #BecauseICan campaign is all about.
She currently stars in Tinder The Comedy at The Tivoli theatre, playing Shaz - a Tinderella on a mission to get her mate a plus one to a wedding.

Aisling Breen currently stars in Tinder The Comedy at The Tivoli Theatre

We caught up with Aisling to chat Tinder in your 30s, what it's really like to be a Billie Barry kid, and the reality of committing to your passion - it's not all fun and games but for Aisling there was no other way.

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